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Discover Viatris: Delivering High-Quality Medicines to Patients in Japan, Australia and New Zealand


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“The real strength of Viatris in JANZ is the highly talented and hardworking people who are up for any challenge. I am proud of everything our teams do each day to serve customers and deliver quality medicines to patients who need them.” 
- Andrew Cuneo, President, JANZ

Join us as we explore the gears that power our business model in our ongoing series #DiscoverViatris.


August 4, 2021


Viatris’ JANZ market region – made up of Japan, Australia and New Zealand – has a combined population of 157 million people and a gross domestic product of $6.7 trillion. The healthcare systems in these countries are recognized as some of the most advanced in the world, providing safe and affordable care to patients. However, aging populations in these countries and the increasing burden of disease will continue to place pressure on healthcare systems to meet the growing needs of patients.


With Andrew Cuneo, President of JANZ, at the helm, Viatris is well positioned to empower people to live healthier at every stage of life. Here are five things to know about Viatris in JANZ.


1 Viatris is a market leader in each country within the JANZ segment and, by leveraging the company’s responsive global and local manufacturing and distribution network, we are able to supply quality medicines with speed and agility.


2 We offer a diverse portfolio of more than 800 high-quality medicines, including brands, biosimilars, authorized generics and generics, addressing many therapeutic areas.


3 As a part of our unique commercial infrastructure, we provide a robust promotional capability that enables us to support physicians, pharmacists and other customers.


4  We believe that we can help better serve patients through effective partnerships. We have a proven track record of partnering with pharmaceutical and biotech companies to bring high-quality medicines to patients throughout the region. We accomplish this through our strong commercial infrastructure, scientific and operational excellence, robust business development and local market expertise. One example of that happened earlier this year when Viatris partnered with Fujifilm Kyowa Kirin Biologics to launch the first adalimumab biosimilar in Japan.


5 Viatris has an unwavering commitment to doing its part to address some of the world's most pressing health needs by providing sustainable access to high-quality medicine. From product donations to COVID-19 vaccination centers in Japan to equip them in emergency situations where a patient experiences anaphylaxis to responding with speed during national crises and medicines shortages in Australia and New Zealand, Viatris is ready to respond in the region.

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