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Supporting People Impacted in Ukraine


By: Lara Ramsburg


The ongoing crisis in Ukraine is impacting millions of people who have been forced to leave their homes to seek refuge in neighboring countries or other areas around the world.


For all of us at Viatris, our first concern is supporting our colleagues and their families in Ukraine. Whether aiding people with relocation or supporting those who remain, we are continuously and closely monitoring the situation and stand ready to assist as conditions evolve.


But beyond the Viatris family, this growing humanitarian crisis speaks directly to our mission as a company, which calls upon us to be a source of stability in a world of evolving healthcare needs. Never has that been more relevant than now: With so many people suffering from disruption in access to medicines, healthcare, and other essential services, it is critical that we do our part to respond.


Through our longtime partner Direct Relief, we are donating hundreds of thousands of doses of medicines in response to the needs of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. A Direct Relief airlift recently arrived in Poland holding medication from Viatris and other companies, and more shipments from Viatris are underway.


In addition, Viatris colleagues have responded to the crisis through generous financial donations to Direct Relief, which are being matched by the company.  Our colleagues are also giving support in more grassroots ways through their own networks. Some are donating to additional charities; others are participating in aid activities both at the Ukrainian border and in their own communities. Several colleagues are welcoming people seeking refuge, including opening their own homes. Each of these efforts, no matter what the scope, is providing much-needed support and making a significant difference.


Together, we stand dedicated to helping create healthier, more sustainable communities worldwide and to providing patients access to the essential medicines they need.


We will continue to follow conditions in Ukraine and the surrounding areas closely, and we will offer our support wherever possible to those whose lives have changed so dramatically through this ongoing humanitarian crisis.

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