Supporting Viatris Colleagues: An Account of the Early Days of the Crisis in Ukraine

Staying Alert, Getting Prepared

Viatris’ global security team is always monitoring geopolitical tensions in regions for signs of threats to the business or its people. It is a core part of what they do: provide a safe and secure environment for the company’s employees, products and facilities around the world.

In January 2022, based on a buildup of Russian troops as well as additional information, global security suggested preparing employees in Ukraine for the possibility of conflict. – to be calm, but candid. Regional leaders played a critical role in advising, supporting and driving sound decisions in a time marked by anxiety, fear and doubt.

The global security team member who spoke with the colleagues in Ukraine tempered his words with self-deprecating humor, but there was no mistaking the gravity of his instructions: gather and copy important documents. Talk to your families. Pack a bag. Stockpile food. Fill your gas tanks. Make a plan. Stay agile.

Knowing that communications could become difficult, the crisis team encouraged employees to download messaging apps and set up contact groups so that global security could locate them if they needed help. 

And then the potential for crisis took a turning point, and something did happen.

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