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As a Working Woman, Elizabeth Mondragón Merlo Seizes the Moment


By: Niki Kapsambelis


Elizabeth Mondragón Merlo

Throughout her career, Elizabeth (Liz) Mondragón Merlo has lived by this governing principle: when the opportunities come, take them.


It hasn’t always been easy. Sometimes, those opportunities required her to move out of her comfort zone – in one case, to another country. Though she had always wanted to travel beyond her native Mexico, she worried about many things: the high expectations the position would require. Possible language barriers. The impact that six months in Germany would have on her husband.


But her sister advised her: “If the challenge comes to you, it’s because you are ready to take it.”


Pushing aside her fears, Liz enjoyed the assignment, using it as an opportunity not only to learn but also to travel throughout Europe. Her husband took a leave of absence from his job and joined her.


“My partner is very collaborative, and he has supported me through all these changes,” she said. “The willingness of him to do this was very important.”


Liz trained first as an industrial engineer, then later in quality and productivity. She recalled how a teacher at the university suggested that her priority was to find a husband.


“Now, many years after, yes I have a life partner and a beautiful daughter, but also I had the opportunity to be part of my community through my work,” Liz said.


Her love of interacting with customers took her to sales, marketing and account management as well as brand development. With each new role, she tries to view the opportunity with the same mindset that took her to Germany earlier in her career.


She started in trade marketing when Viatris was formed, but in December 2021, she moved into a new role as regional sales lead for Mexico, overseeing a large team in an area that is new to her.


“I’m learning a lot,” Liz said. “I have a very good team that is very open.”


She credits her manager, Rogerio Peso, with giving her the opportunity and supporting her efforts to maintain a healthy work-life balance as a parent in a role that requires her to travel. Liz emphasized the importance of workplace support in helping women achieve their professional goals.


She gave birth to her daughter, Lisa, in 2021 and worried that she would struggle to raise a child during the COVID-19 pandemic without the help of nearby family. But again, her sister reminded her that she was ready – a message she plans to instill in Lisa as she grows up.


“I will try to raise her with a lot of confidence, but when these moments of doubt come, I think my husband and I will tell her the same,” Liz said. “It’s not easy to be a professional as a woman. I think things are moving, and I am very happy about it. It’s important not to give up.”



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