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Megan Möller Finds Belonging in Unexpected Places


By: Davianne Croasmun



Megan Möller




In the early years of her professional life, brand manager Megan Möller pursued roles in graphic design, wedding planning and even obtained a degree in sports psychology. Though she was known to shake up her path from time to time, sales and marketing didn’t have a place in her career queue, especially within the pharmaceutical industry.


Soon after joining the company as a sales representative in Port Elizabeth, South Africa in 2014 her perspective shifted. The role was more than selling a product; it was about providing access to medicine for people around the world.


“I realized my work helped not just the person using the medicine, but also their caregivers and loved ones,” she recalled. “It changed how I viewed my role completely.”


Always eager to take on new challenges, after several years as a sales representative she decided to venture into marketing; another foreign territory but where she was meant to be all along. She fell in love with tapping into her creative side to creating awareness and help a wider range of people gain access to quality medicine.


Her commitment to making an impact via marketing was so deep that she commuted by plane half the week to work in a city almost 700 miles from her home. After a year of demonstrating her dedication to the role, Megan’s supervisors created the first remote brand manager role in South Africa specifically for her in late 2018.


“My team cared more about me having more time with my family than sitting in the office,” she said. “They proactively made a way for me to be at home.” … I remember others were astonished my company prioritized my family life and didn’t make a big deal about creating a new way to work – long before working from home became the norm.”


It became clear to Megan that the organization wanted her to contribute to the big picture, yet still saw her as an individual. Several role changes and a move to New Zealand later, the enthusiasm for her work and pride for the company has only grown stronger.


Viatris is more than just a place to work for Megan; it’s a place where she can apply her specific experiences, skills and perspective to a mission that resonates with her while also prioritizing her physical, mental and social well-being.


“It doesn’t matter where you came from. When you find your spot at Viatris, you are recognized for your hard work and contributions,” she stated. “Being at Viatris has changed my life.”


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