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Women in Science: Erica Jackson



Erica Jackson

Director of Chemistry | Morgantown



How long have you been in healthcare and what is your current role at Viatris?

My current role is Director of Chemistry at the R&D Collins Ferry facility. I manage a team that has a variety of responsibilities including quality systems compliance and drug product testing and storage for pre–approval products. I have been in healthcare with the company for 20 years in March.


What first interested you in science as a child/growing up?  

My dad is an engineer, so I was exposed to science and math early on as he frequently took me to his job sites. My parents understood and cultivated my interest by sending me to science camps. That along with my interest in my high school chemistry classes led me into the science field.


What advice would you share with young girls who might be considering a career in science?  

Regardless of what science field you choose, being part of positive change -- whether it be launching a spaceship or creating new medications -- will be a rewarding experience. Never be afraid of challenges along the way, and always strive to be the best!


How does your work each day contribute to our commitment of enhancing access for patients? 

The goal in R&D is to secure new product approvals. My team’s work is part of the final “package” that is submitted to health authorities. We ensure a high-quality standard in our daily operations so that our products are approvable, continuing our history of a strong pipeline and patient access.



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