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Women in Science: Jennifer Donohue



Jennifer Donohue

Senior Scientist | St. Albans



How long have you been in healthcare and what is your current role at Viatris?

I began my career in the pharmaceutical industry in 2004 as a bench chemist ensuring quality control of raw materials and finished products. From there I gained experienced in manufacturing and R&D within the biotech industry before becoming a Senior Scientist with Mylan Technologies Inc. (MTI) in 2015. Since 2015, I have continued to provide analytical and technical support for both Viatris’ commercial and pre-commercial products.


What first interested you in science as a child/growing up?  

I was fortunate to have an engaging family and teachers as a child who capitalized on my interest in the Earth and its hidden treasures to guide me to learn more about the field of science in general. It wasn't until college when I realized my path to chemistry.


What advice would you share with young girls who might be considering a career in science?  

I would encourage them to ask questions – a lot of questions to a lot of different people. Find out what career paths are available (or ideas to create something new!), what drives their passion, and move toward that with confidence.


How does your work each day contribute to our commitment of enhancing access for patients? 

In addition to patient safety, my role allows me to ensure continuity and continued high-quality performance of the products we manufacture.



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