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Discover Viatris: Our Diverse and Differentiated Product Portfolio

Join us as we explore the gears that power our business model in our ongoing series #DiscoverViatris.


The past year has taught us many lessons including the importance of innovation, science and access to treatment for people in need. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic putting a significant strain on health systems worldwide, disproportionately impacting those with underlying conditions[1] and reducing health services for critical conditions such as HIV by as much as 75% in some parts of the world[2], there is still much work to be done.  A need remains to deliver quality care and treatment for both communicable and noncommunicable diseases, and Viatris has an important role to play.

Viatris is uniquely positioned to help increase access to medicines for patients worldwide, regardless of geography or circumstance, and has a firm commitment to driving innovation to meet patient needs and being a trusted partner for the global healthcare community.


With a wide-spanning product portfolio[3] of 1,400 molecules across 165 countries, we serve more than 60,000 customers. We are a truly global network, but in each market, we operate locally and with a deep understanding of how to best serve patients. For this reason, our products are split across three comprehensive segments: generics, biosimilars and complex generics and brands.



Viatris has a proven history of providing increased access to generic medicines to patients around the world. These products work in the same way and provide the same clinical benefits as their brand-name counterparts and may cost less, providing patients and the healthcare system important savings and medicine options which we believe are essential to making healthcare accessible. Today, we are a generics industry leader. Nearly one third of our total portfolio continues to offer traditional generic medicines spanning 10 therapeutic areas and multiple product formulations including complex oral solids, injectables, and topicals and transdermals.



To continue to support advancements in innovation, over the past years, we have been focused on leveraging our scientific, legal and regulatory expertise to expand access to biosimilar and complex generic offerings. Viatris has a proven ability to be first-to-market to offer generic and biosimilar versions of costly biologic and complex treatments to help patients across therapeutic areas get the medicines they need. Building on this success, we believe that we can do more to better serve patient needs by continuing to break down barriers to access that exist within the regulatory, legal and policy landscapes for these products. This is a core part of our work.


The global landscape for biosimilars is nascent and evolving with significant growth predicted over the next several years. Today biosimilars only make up about 6% of global biologics[4]. Over the next 7 years, this number is expected to more than double, far outpacing small molecules4, and we are proud to be a leader in this journey. Our biosimilars franchise includes several products across multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, immunology, diabetes, ophthalmology, and dermatology. From a global perspective, Viatris has over 300 regulatory approvals for 7 different biosimilar products in more than 75 countries around the world. Recently, Viatris was the first company to receive an interchangeable approval for a biosimilar product in the U.S. We are committed to continuing to build and expand this global biosimilars franchise to help reduce the cost burden on patients and healthcare systems.  



Our 20 iconic brands are focused on key therapeutic areas including cardiovascular, neurology, pain, central nervous system (CNS) and urology. These products came to Viatris through legacy Upjohn; the addition of the complementary legacy Mylan brand portfolio extends both our depth and reach in these areas.


Diversity within our branded portfolio is an important element which allows a mix of approaches based on opportunity. The global portfolio includes specialty brands which have a patent life allowing for growth.  Established brands in Europe provide durability as well as an in-built potential for growth due to their complex science restricting the potential to commoditize. In addition, the iconic brands which no longer have market exclusivity have tremendous brand equity and continue to serve patient needs.


On an ongoing basis, we actively look for opportunities to extend the value of our medicines, and for these brands there is great opportunity that may include over-the-counter switches, line extensions, new formulations and new dosages. These evolved offerings are an important way to expand patient choice and address unmet needs.


Our varied portfolio is essential to being able to truly serve local markets based on their needs, not based on what we have in our medicine bag. We meticulously cultivate our offering in each market to help ensure physicians and patients have access to the most needed medicines. At Viatris, we see healthcare not as it is, but as it should be. We act courageously and are uniquely positioned to be a source of stability in a world of evolving healthcare needs.


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[3] Products referenced are approved by regulatory bodies in individual countries or similar political unions. Product availability, name and approved use may vary by location. Contact your local Viatris office to learn more.

[4]Global IQVIA MIDAS as Q3 2020 4IQVIA Sales Weekly (WSP) Week Ending Feb 12, 2021


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