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Building a New Kind of Healthcare Company

March 1, 2021


Highlighting a strong foundation and clear roadmap for the future at our inaugural Investor Day, Viatris leaders showcased our multi-year journey to build a new kind of healthcare company with patients at the center through our unique global platform, worldwide reach and a performance-driven culture.


The virtual event featured our executive leaders and regional, operational, R&D and corporate affairs heads, who discussed the assets, capabilities and talent at Viatris, as well as our unique operating model and our clear strategy and priorities to deliver value to shareholders. CEO Michael Goettler started the day with a look at the strengths of both of the companies that came together to form Viatris and how, through their combination, Viatris has an enhanced global scale and geographic reach; a sustainable diverse and differentiated portfolio and pipeline; a powerful operating platform and commercial capabilities; a performance-driven culture focused on transparency and accountability; and sustainable cash flows, enabling disciplined capital allocation.


“We are uniquely positioned to achieve our goals through leveraging our strengths and unique capabilities, as we are relentless in our commitment to continuous improvement. Our obsession to create value in everything we do will serve as our north star,” Goettler said.


As we’ve become Viatris during the last 90 days, we have identified even more strengths, including those of our most important asset: our workforce. Our colleagues are passionate about pursuing the Viatris mission of empowering people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life. They have a strong work ethic, are entrepreneurial and authentic, have deep industry experience and are committed to corporate social responsibility.


For us, these strengths translate into important opportunities to create the right teams, maximize our commercial impact, invest in our portfolio and pipeline and enhance efficiencies – all with a strong commitment to continuous improvement and an obsession for creating value. Executing on all of these priorities positions us to optimize total shareholder return (TSR).


The Engine That Drives Our Business


Since Viatris was formed in November, we've taken swift action to ensure that we can capitalize on the significant potential of our unique business model and position Viatris for success. Our TSR-focused business model is powered by our focus on access, leadership and partnership and includes three main key elements: deep market experience, purpose-fit capabilities and high-performance drivers. 


This approach positions us to deliver stable revenue, maintain a strong balance sheet and execute a disciplined capital deployment strategy to drive future growth. With talented and committed colleagues, engaged culture and clear strategy, we are confident to deliver enhanced shareholder value as we execute.


The Heart of Viatris


At the heart of our business model is the Global Healthcare Gateway®, our integrated platform that leverages our unmatched global infrastructure and capabilities to connect more patients to products and services around the world through organic R&D and partnership innovation.


“I am so proud of our talented, high-performing and diverse workforce who got us to this point and was grateful to have the opportunity to showcase, along with other Viatris leaders, why our new company is set up for long-term success. Our resilient commercial and operations platform, deep pipeline, robust scientific capabilities and unwavering commitment to quality are why we passionately believe we are uniquely positioned to meet the world’s evolving healthcare needs,” President Rajiv Malik said. "Our scale and expertise provide endless possibilities to connect patients to more products and services, ultimately creating better value for all stakeholders."


Learn more about Viatris by watching our Investor Day replay here.





Michael Goettler is the former CEO of Viatris.


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