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Coloring Our World: Looking at Viatris Through the Eyes of Our Children

January 28, 2021





Living our mission is a family affair at Viatris. Just ask colleagues in Poland, who challenged the littlest members of our Viatris family to help raise awareness about our newly created company.


Since our first days, we have been engaging with our colleagues across the world to turn our mission into action. That mission is to empower people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life. And with many of our teams working remotely because of the pandemic, colleagues in Poland thought of a fun way to involve their families in that effort.


They challenged their kids to use their creativity to interpret the Viatris mission. Using crayons, markers, and paint, the kids created a colorful kaleidoscope of artwork. Many included the blue, purple, and yellow of the vibrant Viatris logo surrounded - and sometimes held up – by people around the world. One child’s picture even showed Viatris bringing sunshine to a person standing under a rain cloud – clearly under the weather.


Regardless of how they interpreted the mission, all the kids showed they had a lot to say about how we at Viatris can use our global reach and work together to create access to medicines for people worldwide, regardless of geography or circumstance.


“The competition was very fun because I had the opportunity to tell my children more about the company in which I work,” said Group Project Manager Anna Gontarek. “As it turns out for a 10– year-old girl and 12-year-old boy, it is not so obvious what a pharmaceutical company makes.”


Senior Product Manager Joanna Górniewska-Matracka also used the opportunity to teach her son about Viatris, and he was especially impressed to hear how we help patients worldwide.


“When he found out that we as Viatris provide so many medicines to people around the globe, my son said, ‘Mom! This is cosmos!’ That’s why there is a space rocket on his picture,” she said.


To share the children’s work with each other and with other Viatris colleagues, the Poland team posted the pictures to a shared online site where viewers could like their favorites.


“All initiatives involving children, especially in this difficult time of limited contact with peers, are valuable. My daughter, Kinga, could observe other children's works on Teams, enjoyed every ‘like’ of her work,” said Area Sales Manager Ewelina Dzierżawska. “She sees that on the other side of the computer there are also other children whose parents work together in Viatris, although, like she with her class, they meet only virtually.”


Check out some of the fun artwork created by the children above. And learn more about our mission and our story here.

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