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Micro to Macro: Science Training Translates Into a Career in Quality


April 8, 2024


While the pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace, often colleagues embedded in the manufacturing operations provide the critical input necessary to inspire success.


Enter Brooke Delroy – Director, Quality Systems at Viatris in Australia.


Like her team members throughout the Quality function, Brooke plays a vital role in ensuring products are safe, fit for purpose and consistently meet a high standard.


It’s a role that keeps her busy at Viatris’ manufacturing site at Carole Park – one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing sites in Australia, capable of producing approximately 4 billion doses of high-quality medicines for Australia and over 40 export markets.


“Ensuring product quality and patient safety is central to our mission. We are tasked with supporting the business in how to best utilize our quality systems in an efficient and compliant manner,” said Brooke, a microbiologist by degree. “We take a very hands-on approach by bringing colleagues together so that we can clearly map out the steps and processes of our work. It’s important that we continually ask questions so that we can make the right process improvements, which in the end, ultimately benefits the patient.”


Her curiosity and persistency helped secure a job in pharma nearly 14 years ago, allowing her to use her foundation in science as a springboard to expand into new career paths.


“I was fortunate to land a job in a documentation role within Quality. I spent several months as a supervisor and due to my experience in other industries and demonstrated dedication, I was offered the opportunity to move into a documentation manager role that has then evolved into my current position,” she said.


With prior experience in a veterinary lab and within the food services industry, she brought with her an eye for detail, the ability to think differently, and a willingness to learn by embedding herself into the situation at hand.


“Sure, there’s a learning curve for anyone making a transition. But for me, being okay with speaking up, wanting to learn more and dive in was beneficial,” she explained. “That’s a translatable skill – being proactive and trying to piece the logic together for the challenge in front of you and having the discipline to keep working to find a solution.”


At Viatris, diverse perspectives drive innovation and our ability to make an impact in the world. Supporting Brooke is her manager Sandy Stephenson, an ally in ensuring the right people are present when important decisions are being made.


“There is a trust factor between us,” Brooke said. “She gives me a lot of flexibility or autonomy to be able to really drive my department and take opportunities and really run with them. At the same time, she makes herself available when I need guidance.”


At Viatris, Brooke has hit her stride, proving she can keep pace with new technologies and ways of working, adapting to the latest changes.


“I'm a microbiologist, and micros are just a small component on the science scale. My story demonstrates how a science degree can give you a solid framework to learn and apply elsewhere,” she said. “It doesn’t pigeonhole you into some small career direction. Viatris has supported me and provided me with opportunities for ongoing career development.”


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