Supporting Viatris Colleagues: An Account of the Early Days of the Crisis in Ukraine

Evacuating to Safety

As the crisis in Kyiv and surrounding areas deepened and hostilities escalated, the company devised a way to help colleagues evacuate and was aware of the need to expedite decisions, actions and responses as well as the emotional support people have continued to need throughout the crisis.

On the ground in Ukraine, colleagues mobilized to help each other. When the company sent a vehicle packed full of food and other supplies to take people out of the country, some Ukrainian employees volunteered to help navigate the unfamiliar streets. Those who crossed the border out of Ukraine worked to give humanitarian aid to those who chose to stay behind.

In coordinated partnership among all of the entities, colleagues were picked up and moved; some to other parts of Ukraine, others to neighboring countries.

In total, Viatris evacuated 155 people and relocated 82 more at the onset of the conflict.