Supporting Viatris Colleagues: An Account of the Early Days of the Crisis in Ukraine

European Colleagues Step In

In times of crisis, human solidarity and support take the form of concrete actions. In Europe, particularly countries bordering Ukraine, Viatris employees worked to welcome the influx of people crossing over to safety.

Some opened their homes to people. Others gathered humanitarian supplies and brought them to refugee camps or volunteered to drive their colleagues to new locations.

Early on, in France, Viatris partnered with Tulipe, a humanitarian relief organization that organizes donations of pharmaceuticals to areas in need. The company sent several tons of products to Ukraine on an airplane specially chartered by the French government, underscoring its commitment to delivering essential medicines everywhere.

The company also donated hundreds of thousands of doses of medicines to Ukraine through longtime partner Direct Relief. Employees contributed financially in a company-wide campaign, which Viatris matched to double the donation.