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Celebrating ‘the Magnificent Complexities of Human Beings,’ Lu Hong Embraces Opportunity


By: Niki Kapsambelis


Lu Hong

In honor of International Women’s Day, Viatris is highlighting the stories and viewpoints of women colleagues around the world throughout the month of March. 


Lu Hong 
Head of HR, Greater China and JANZ Rx 
Shanghai, China 


Please tell me about your career path. Where did you start, how did you end up at Viatris, and what were some interesting points along your journey? 

I joined Viatris from Upjohn’s integration with Mylan. Before that, I had worked in Pfizer for over 26 years, mostly in HR, from local to regional to global. I worked in China, Japan and in Pfizer’s New York headquarters for a few years as well.  

The most interesting point along my journey is that I have never designed my career. When the opportunity presents itself, I am always open to it. I open my arms to embrace the new experiences to enrich my career and my life.  


What do you find most interesting or exciting about your work? 

The most interesting thing about my work is that I have opportunity to discover the magnificent complexities of human beings. I am fascinated by the richness in what they bring, their past experiences, their talents, their aspirations and the possibilities of what they can contribute to a healthier world. 


When you face challenges, what helps or motivates you to overcome them? 

When I face challenges, I think of people around me who have flourished. That motivates me and keeps me going.  


Who is a woman who has inspired you? 

Jacinda Arden, the prime minister of New Zealand. To quote Dr. John Blakey, author of The Trusted Executive and global CEO coach: “In the world of politics, Jacinda Ardern is the leader who is walking the talk when it comes to relying upon the power of trust, rather than trusting in power.” 


What is the best advice you received, either personally or professionally? 

“Know thyself and be true to yourself.” 


What advice would you offer to young women who are just starting their careers? 

Don’t wait for the opportunity. Speak up. Step in.  


Where do you hope to be in 5 years? 

I hope to be doing what I am doing now but finding ways to include more diverse voices to contribute for a better world. 


What do you like most about working at Viatris? 

The trust that senior leadership places in leaders around the globe, which empowers local leaders to make positive impacts to health care at the local country level.

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