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Seizing the Moment for Growth - Sri Yannani
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By: Timothy Goodenow


We all have personal goals in our lives. For some, it’s speaking a new language, maybe learning to play guitar, or some type of advanced professional training. In many instances, people fail to achieve it.  


Sri Yannani is not one of those people willing to fall short.


The occupational toxicologist in Viatris’ global Environmental, Health and Safety team (GEHS) set out a goal to become DABT (Diplomate of American Board of Toxicology) certified. This is a professional designation awarded by the American Board of Toxicology to individuals who meet certain educational and experience requirements in the scientific field of toxicology. 

In her current role, she examines and applies the principles of toxicology to avoid potential exposures to chemical and biological toxicants in the workplace – to protect our employees and help in safe handling of our products to keep colleagues safe. 

Yannani’s experience in the last six years as an occupational toxicologist in India, in addition to a pair of research jobs prior, and with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and master’s in pharmacology and toxicology, made her a strong candidate.  


“It was a goal of mine and my husband encouraged me to pursue it,” explained Yannani. “It’s important to me to always be on top of what I’m doing. So, for work, I love what I do and want to be able to demonstrate my competency.” 


She took on this challenge despite the new ways of working amidst a global pandemic, while also juggling work-life balance as a mother of 3-year-old twin boys. 


With her family behind her, along with the support of Viatris colleagues, Yannani took the next step in creating a rigorous study schedule that began nearly one year in advance of her exam date.  


She took part in a peer study group with professionals in different industries and from different countries. The group would connect via Google Meet for 1-2 hours on Sunday nights, discussing a particular agreed upon topic for the week. 


“There were moments of frustration and times where I wanted to give up because there was so much going on in my life,” said Yannani.  


That doubt would slowly be erased at the end of each Sunday night, and she would be reassured of her decision on occasion from her manager Rohan Nagavally, himself a qualified DABT.


“Our EHS team is always respectful and supportive of one another, and Rohan motivated me to continue pursuing the exam,” said Yannani. 


The day came and went for the 6-hour-long exam in October. Next up was a waiting game for her results. 


In late November, while attending a cousin’s wedding, Yannani received the notification she had been waiting for, and in some respects feared opening.  


“I was nervous to open it but was pleased to be able to share the good news of passing the exam while having my parents and my family with me,” said Yannani.  


It was only fitting that she received the results with family present.  


“ My mother has always encouraged me to dream big and purse things I’m passionate about. And to not allow my gender to stop me from dreaming big. " Sri Yannani, Viatris


A few months have passed and Yannani maintains her regular, but still hectic routine. And now, she is trading in those almost daily study hours for much needed family time. 


Working at Viatris truly is more than just a job. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in the world and have a meaningful career through your personal and professional development.  


Sri Yannani took that opportunity to heart. 


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