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Now Available: Listen Well Season 2 


April 24, 2023


Welcome to Listen Well - our health podcast series - hosted by Dr. Mo Alsuwaidan and dedicated to exploring a wide range of common non-communicable diseases and the impact these conditions can have on mental health. Throughout the season, Dr. Alsuwaidan connects with leading experts and patient advocates to empower our listeners – from the health-conscious public to patients and physicians - to better understand and deal with complex health issues.


In our premiere episode of Season 2, Dr. Alsuwaidan tackles Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – a complex disease that can take a long time to diagnose and may present with a multitude of symptoms. Tune in as he delves into the patient experience from the onset of symptoms, when anxiety can often set in prior to accurate recognition, to reaching diagnosis and beyond, and further explains why MS is sometimes referred to as the “disease with a thousand faces."


The Disease with a Thousand Faces: A Closer Look at MS and Mental Health

Dr. Alsuwaidan is joined by Piet Eelen, a clinical nurse specialist working at the National Multiple Sclerosis Center in Belgium, and with guest advocate Federica Balzani, who lives with MS while serving as VP of the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP). Federica shares her lived experience with MS and speaks to the importance of a support system as those living with MS navigate their diagnosis.


Take a listen to this episode, as well as catch up on Season 1 – all available wherever you listen to your podcasts.


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