Supporting Viatris Colleagues: An Account of the Early Days of the Crisis in Ukraine

By Niki Kapsambelis

In February 2022, as the gravity of the situation in Ukraine deepened, a dedicated Viatris team worked around the clock to bring their colleagues to safety. Though the situation continues to evolve, those few weeks were life changing not only for the people caught in the crossfire, but also for those who worked so hard to help them.

Leaders from regional and global teams moved swiftly and decisively, sending an important message that was felt throughout the company: Our people and our patients are the top priority. We are stronger together. And when crisis strikes, you are not alone.

What follows are anecdotes from individuals and teams who stepped up to ensure the immediate safety and protection of colleagues and their families, as well as the continued supply of essential medicines to patients, regardless of their geography or circumstance.

An early alert from security mobilizes Emerging Markets leadership to take action

As the crisis unfolds, quick decision making guides the team

In a matter of hours, Viatris evacuates hundreds

Across Europe, Viatris employees rush to assist their colleagues and others fleeing Ukraine

As the conflict continues, colleagues work toward the road ahead